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The reaction to my video from corps members in TFA has very encouraging. Each person who spoke to me about it said that they really enjoyed knowing they shared the same sentiments with other people. It was comforting for them to know that their experience was shared and yet still unique. Reactions from other people…

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Jun 25 2012

The Achievement Gap is REAL

Last week was a whirlwind and here I am, at the beginning of a new week ready to do it all again. I taught three times last week and each time I learned something new. About myself. About my fivve students. At the end of the week I knew that I could have a powerful…

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Jun 13 2012

they said we wouldn’t sleep

Long days, long nights. That’s the description of Institute that I received from past corps members. This is week one and for the past two days, the amazing ELA summer teachers have been at Delta State’s campus, working our butts off to learn things like “Using your Teacher Voice” or “The importance of having a…

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Jun 10 2012

induction through pictures

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Jun 10 2012

Mailing Address

Jaleh Sadravi / Corps Member c/o Teach For America Institute DeltaState University BoxB4 1003 West Sunflower Road Cleveland, MS 38733 Send me things

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Jun 09 2012

Thine eyes do not fool you. I am up before the butt crack of dawn to drive to Monticello, AR to take the PRAXIS II in English Lit. Am I ready to pass the test? YES! And I will pass this test. A friend of mine back home was asking me why I was even…

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I’m writing this post as not only a way to reflect upon Induction, but also to avoid studying. Today was the first day of workshops and meeting with people in the same teaching area. I finally found out my placement – Lainer High School in Jackson. I look forward to learning more about my future…

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Jun 05 2012

Miracles do happen

I passed the PRAXIS I exam. Not with flying colors but I passed. Induction is already here and I’m currently in Cleveland. No, not Ohio but Mississippi. My drive started on Monday and after a nights rest in Nashville, I arrived in Cleveland Tuesday afternoon. After unloading my car (second floor, no elevator) I took…

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