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Jun 06 2012

“You sound like a winner,” says my father

I’m writing this post as not only a way to reflect upon Induction, but also to avoid studying. Today was the first day of workshops and meeting with people in the same teaching area. I finally found out my placement – Lainer High School in Jackson. I look forward to learning more about my future school and community.

The first session for me today was the Arc of Development. Each corps member shared their “Story of Self” and we discussed ways our own experiences and stories related to those of the Delta and our future communities.

Next we had Diversity & Inclusiveness. Being in City Year for two years, I knew the importance of these trainings and have lead them before in the past. But I was impressed with the training and with the engagement of my fellow corps members. We talked about affirming your identity and how we can use an iceberg for an example of our primary diversity factors and our secondary factors.

I’ll share some of what I wrote: PRIMARY – African America/ Persian straight 25 year old English speaking female. SECONDARY - Lutheran, Educated, Extrovert, immigrant parent (father from Iran), lived in five states, three siblings, etc.

We also committed to this statement: I will develop and begin to operate with the conviction that I a making a critical commitment to the children, parents, and community in Jackson, Mississippi. 

At dinner we met with others who would be living in the same city. It was nice to meet people I will be close to for the next two years.

My dad just called me long distance and this is the advise he gave me: “I want you to be smart and strong. Don’t be like old school teachers. Be like Quentin Tarantino.” He’s a big Kill Bill fan.

Until next time.

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