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Jun 13 2012

they said we wouldn’t sleep

Long days, long nights. That’s the description of Institute that I received from past corps members. This is week one and for the past two days, the amazing ELA summer teachers have been at Delta State’s campus, working our butts off to learn things like “Using your Teacher Voice” or “The importance of having a Classroom Management Plan.”

The most useful thing for me has been the Text Talks, a chance for us to discuss the material we will be teaching our class next week. I will kick off instruction with The Veldt by Ray Bradbury. People my age will be familiar with this story from the Disney Channel movie Smart House. My Lesson Plan for day 3 of this text is due Friday (I feel like I should add an “AHH!!” here.)  My Collab group (four people work together to teach one classroom) is pretty efficient. We finished the first draft of our Classroom Vision and I must say that it sounds amazing. Next we will tackle our Culture of Achievement plan.

So I have to be honest again. I’m an early sleeper. And when I say early, I mean I hit the sack right after dinner. Back in high school, my friends knew that my bedtime was 8p.m. Even now when I go out after a certain time, I will fall asleep at the bar or club or concert. I get my sleep in where ever it fits in.

Tomorrow I will be boarding the 6:10a.m. for Greenville Westin High School. The bus ride is over an hour, which leaves amble time for both sleeping and work time. Right now –  It’s back to sleep for this lady.

Until next time.


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